Q&A: Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

Q&A: Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

We’ve spent years perfecting our first SPF50+ sunscreen so that it’s natural, powerfully protective and luxurious to use. And the response we’ve had has blown us away. But we do hear you! Here’s some of your burning questions answered.

Q: Do I use Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen with a moisturiser as well?

Yes, absolutely! Both steps have their main purpose (moisturiser – hydrates & can target skin concerns, SPF – protects from UV rays).

However, you don’t have to. It really depends on your skin type and what your skin needs. Does it feel good with both? Perfect! Does it feel too heavy? See next Q.

Q: When I use my moisturiser & SPF together, I’m finding it a bit greasy. Is this expected?

Sometimes the combo can feel too much, especially if your skin type is oily and/or you’re using a heavier cream moisturiser. Try pairing it with a lighter lotion, or use our Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen alone as your SPF + moisturiser – its base formula has added omega-rich oils and vitamin E, so it nourishes and hydrates as well as protects. A welcomed 2-in-1!

Q: How much should I put on my face?

A general rule of thumb is around 1 tsp for your face and neck, or what feels a liberal amount to ensure good coverage. Rub in thoroughly and give it a couple of minutes to really sink into your skin – at least 20 minutes before leaving the house.

Q: I’m finding it leaves a white cast on my skin. Is this normal?

Since our Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen uses a natural mineral filter (zinc oxide) it can appear to leave a small white cast… but only momentarily! After applying 1 tsp of sunscreen to face and neck, give it a couple of moments to sink into the skin, then any ‘white cast’ you’re seeing should dissipate and leave a glowy, dewy finish.

Q: Do I REALLY need to use facial SPF year-round?

YES, really. Both UVA (ageing rays) UVB (burning rays) reach the earth’s surface year-round – which means they can always harm and cause pre-mature ageing. While both UV rays cause harm, UVA penetrate deeper into the skin, and you don’t often see the visible burn as much as UVB (eg. on unprotected skin, you’re still getting sun damage when you can’t see any visible burn).

Q: Can I use it on my body?

You can absolutely use it on your body! It is more specifically designed as a face & neck sunscreen and as the last step in your morning skincare routine, but no one has ever said you can’t have a luxury full body sunscreen.

Q: Is it safe to use when I’m pregnant and on my kids?

Absolutely, our entire range is pregnancy friendly. It is suitable for the family, but babies under 6 months old we recommend seeking medical advice before use.

Q: I have sensitive skin, is your Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen for me?

Yes, yes, yes! Our SPF is Dermatologically tested, so it is tested to not irritate skin. And with a natural mineral sun filter (zinc oxide) and natural base formula, there are no hidden nasties to flare up sensitivities. Zinc oxide even helps calm sensitive skin.

Q: Sunscreen normally makes me breakout! Will this happen with yours?

Argh, we hear you! Often mineral sunscreens can create a film on your skin that blocks pores which can be the cause of breakouts. Exactly why we had our Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen independently tested non-comedogenic –aka. It doesn’t clog pores.

Q: Does it sit well under makeup?

We love it under make-up! Its dewy, glowy finish makes it a great primer.

Q: Does your SPF comply with sun safety standards?

Yes! We take your sun safety extremely seriously. Our Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen meets Australasian standards which are some of the most robust in the world (AS/NZS 2604:2021).
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