Bouncy skin, anyone? This iconic moisturiser duo just got a collagen upgrade

Bouncy skin, anyone? This iconic moisturiser duo just got a collagen upgrade

With refreshed formulas packed full of nourishing ingredients and age-targeting actives, this pro-collagen dream team has you covered from dawn ‘til dusk.

Here’s how pairing the new and improved Vital Moisturising Cream and Rosapene™ Night Cream fuels skin from morning to night, plumping and protecting around the clock for your bounciest skin yet.

Re-inventing our dynamic duo

Our new, improved Vital Moisturising Cream and Rosapene™ Night Cream harnesses the collagen-boosting power of VanilleActiv2™ - a sustainably-sourced vanilla bean derivative exclusive-to-Trilogy that’s clinically proven to help increase hydration, firmness, and elasticity as well as improving the appearance of wrinkles. 

By pairing VanilleActiv2™ with our signature antioxidant blend, Rosapene™ and a fresh line up of skin-loving ingredients, we’ve landed on a formula that’s as nourishing as it is protective. Both Vital Moisturising Cream and Rosapene™ Night Cream work in tandem for plump, firm and hydrated skin at both ends of the day, supporting your skin’s natural rejuvenation cycle.

Vital Moisturising Cream - plumping by day

For luxurious moisture throughout the day, Vital Moisturising Cream is the one to reach for. Providing daily nourishment and hydration as well as collagen-boosting benefits, it’s ideal on its own or as a base for makeup.

Here’s a peek at some of the key ingredients working alongside VanilleActiv2™ and Rosapene™ to create the ultimate day cream:
IBR Dragon® 
A hard-working prebiotic that’s clinically proven to improve skin barrier function and strength by up to 5x*.
An omega-rich oil native to Southern Africa, famous for both its skin-healing and nourishing properties.
Evening Primrose Oil
Another plant-derived oil rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish the skin, reducing dullness and repairing damage.
Carrot Seed Oil 
Protects and calms the skin with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight free radicals.

Rosapene Night Cream - restoring by night

Because the best way to lock in a good skin day, is to prep your face the night before. Our Rosapene™ Night Cream sinks in slowly while you sleep, delivering protective oils and intense hydration deep into the skin.

Loaded with VanilleActiv2™ and Rosapene™, this rich PM cream also features a blend of skin-enhancing ingredients to boost your skin’s natural radiance and vitality when you need it most:
A detoxifying ayurvedic extract that’s shown to improve visible signs of fatigue - revitalising the skin, combatting eye bags, dark circles, under-eye wrinkles and general dullness.
An emollient derived from olives that absorbs quickly and easily, deeply moisturising to leave skin soft and supple.
Shea Butter
This nourishing plant butter has a high concentration of fatty acids to help soften the skin, smoothing and conditioning without clogging pores. 
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
Well-known for its soothing properties, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract cools and calms irritation while helping maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Why do I need to switch moisturisers when the sun goes down?

Since our skin functions differently at night, we need a moisturiser that targets and compensates for different things to leave skin feeling soft and refreshed when we wake.

While we sleep, our skin rests and unwinds just like our body does, regenerating cells and healing from any pollutant, bacteria, or sun damage amassed during the day - it’s basically ‘beauty sleep’ in action!

Night time is also when blood flows to the surface of our skin more freely, making it warmer and more permeable so all of the luscious ingredients in our night cream can seep in and work their magic while we snooze.

But if the skin repairs itself overnight, why use anything at all?

While it’s true that the skin heals and repairs at night, lower levels of oil production can still lead to a parched, dull-looking complexion come morning time if you don’t supplement that moisture loss with a nourishing night cream.

Our skin’s oil production peaks at midday and drops off overnight when it’s at its most permeable, leaving the outer layer less protected and prone to dehydration. A night cream rich in smoothing fatty acids helps add protective oils back into the skin, locking in hydrating ingredients and keeping it quenched from the moment your head hits the pillow.