Sculpt, tone, detox: How to use your new Gua Sha Stone

Sculpt, tone, detox: How to use your new Gua Sha Stone

We know that if we exercise our bodies, they’re more toned, in a state of detox, sculpted, and firmer, But, when it comes to our faces, the closest some of us get to exercise is the occasional spa facial. If, however, you have the right tools and the know-how you can bring the spa home and treat your face with some passive toning that we promise will be much more pleasant than crunches or burpees. And for us, that tool is the Gua Sha.

A little history

Gua Sha is traditional Chinese medicine that has been used in China and Vietnam for generations, to massage not just the face but all over the body as a massage tool. Usually a rose quartz or jade stone, it’s smooth all over and shaped in a way that allows you to hold it easily and work on different parts of the face and body with its curves and notches.

What is it for?

Massage, on every part of the body, eases muscle tension and helps us detox. But, when it comes to facial massage, we are also able to smooth fine lines and sculpt the muscles of our jawline and cheekbones. If you hold tension in your jaw or neck or feel bloated or puffy, a Gua Sha routine can de-puff, direct toxins to your lymph nodes, and ease muscle tension while encouraging blood flow (and therefore fresh oxygen) to your face. Talk about a true multitasker!

How do I do it?

The Gua Sha Stone has smooth, rounded edges to hug each part of the face, neck, and body. The section of the face or neck you are focusing on will determine which part of the stone you will use.

To prepare the skin, ensure it’s cleansed and add a few drops of your favourite beauty oil to face, neck, and decolletage to ensure the stone glides easily and doesn’t drag.


With the notched edge, start in the centre of the chin and glide slowly along your jawline, finishing under the ear lobe. Repeat 5 – 10 times before starting on the other side of your jaw.


With either of the long edges of the stone, move the stone
upward from eyebrows to hairline. Repeat this 5 – 10 times.


With the notched side of the stone, with the longest edge facing outward, move from the side of your nose to your temple, with the stone hugging your cheekbone.


With the notched side of the stone, move from the centre of your forehead towards your temple, with the stone hugging your eyebrow line.


With the longest side of the Gua Sha Stone, use light pressure to massage from the jawline down the neck and stopping at the trapezius muscle. Or, if you prefer, you can do it in reverse as you have lymph nodes at both the collarbone and at the ear lobe.

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